Please don’t take away my smile


Sorry guys, I don’t want to spread negative thoughts on here, but I just can’t hold it back anymore.  I’m also a human, I need to find a way to express my feelings or else I’ll be insane.

My passion for life seems to fade away along with these everyday routine work, I don’t feel excited to start a brand new day anymore after I’ve start working here.  It’s an office job with air conditioner and I suppose a quite nice environment for working, but I just don’t like to be here.  I’m force to be here because my dad owns the office, if I don’t lend him a hand, I have to get out of the house.  It’s not fair!  Why can’t I choose my own career?  Not just that, I HATE to be threatened!  I’ve tried hard to like what I’m doing, pretend I like it this way.  However, I know I’m not happy deep from inside.  Sometimes, you can’t force yourself to like something when you actually don’t.  Why does parents always make decisions which they think is for their children’s own good but make them unhappy and even suffer?

I’m smiling lesser and lesser lately.  Oh! I miss the old me, and my smile too!