Seriously? I went to audition for Talentime Night

Hooray!  I’ve settled everything today in college.  Finally, I get to put my mind at rest and get a good night sleep for now.

By the way, something unusual and memorable happened to me today.  Guess what?  I actually went for an audition for Talentime Night.  I had been introduced to Talentime Night since the first day of college.  It’s an opportunity for the freshmen to show their talents in different category such as singing, dancing, instrumental and emcee.  To be honest, I don’t think I have any talent in singing, dancing and instrumental.  As for the emcee, I’m not confidence enough in myself as I hardly speaks English.  (We have to be fluent in English if we want to be an emcee.)  So, I never thought that I would actually went to the audition.  (Seriously.)  If you are wondering why did I suddenly change my mind and went to the audition, well could I say that I was ‘drag’ by a senior when Vivien and me were passing by the audition room?   (I should have said that both of us had been ‘drag’  to the audition.)  The guy who tested me said that I have the potential to be an emcee because even though my main language is Chinese, my English is fluent too.  I’m very glad to hear that although I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the second audition.  Nevertheless, it was a great experience for us.

Freshmen in college

Today is my second day of college life, and I’m already feeling exhausted.  By the way, this week is just an orientation week for all of us who are freshmen in college.  I never thought that college life will be so tiring.  Besides that, I still have a lot of things remain unsettled.  I haven’t done my Student ID Card, haven’t book for the Library Induction Programme, haven’t find out about my class timetable and so on.  There are lots more things to be settled in the upcoming days, hopefully life will be easier after the orientation week and after everything was settled.

I think I’ll seldom be here when the class really started, I need to concentrate more on my studies. (Perhaps I’ll be here once in a week or a fortnight.)  By the way, I’m taking A-level in arts and I don’t think that is easy after having a briefing session about the subjects today.  I felt like fainting when I heard about it.  (Hmm…that’s a little bit exaggerated.  )  Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to adapt to the college life and cope with my studies.  Good luck for me then!