School holiday

Yes!  Finally, we have a week of school holiday.  I have been waiting for this holiday like for years.


I thought I would be very happy and fun during the school holiday, but it turns out to be rather boring.

What I thought it would happen during school holiday…


Aren’t those flowers beautiful?

Not as beautiful as you.


Look!  Dandelions!  Lets make a wish!

I wish we will be together till the end of our lives.


Hey, honey?


I love you so much.

I love you too.



What it actually happened…


Flower, you look soaked up.




It rained here, similar to my soaked feeling.


Someone said when one looks at the sky, one is missing someone.  

I have to admit life without you is plain and dull.

I start to countdown the days when school starts, but it seems too far away.



The holiday just began, but I can’t wait until school starts because I miss you.  I want to see your face, I miss your smile and I want to hear you calling me “babe”.


I hope time runs by quickly as I miss you terribly.   Do you miss me too?

Lee Min Ho

He is a well-known korean artist, Lee Min Ho.  I get to know him after I had watch the drama called Boys Over Flowers a few years ago.

He looks good in curly hair, but I think he looks better with shorter and straighter hair.

With a height of 1.87 meters, he stands out easily among others.  ( I think 1.87 meters is the dream height of most of the men.)

Why do I like him so much?  Besides than his charming and virile look, he also gives me a special feeling.  I loved the way he treats his job with passion and responsibility.  You should see the way he acts in the drama, it is true that when a man is focusing in his job, he looks more handsome than ever.

I just can’t move my eyes away from him, he looks so hot and manage to take my breath away.  What will it feel like if I have a boyfriend like him?  Hmm……one thing for sure, I will be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world.


Why won’t you accept me?  I know you are into me just like I do to you too.  What should I do to let you accept me?

Sorry, I can’t.  Its not your problem, but its my problem.  I just can’t forget about the scars that left by my ex in my heart……

Although those sad memories had past for a very long time, they don’t fade away.  I have had a happy relationship before…


No differ from any other couples, we share the sweetest time of our life with each other.

2.jpg 3.jpg

Those sweet memories are still warm and fresh in my mind.


However, everything will change just like our relationship.  We had a big row and failed to make up which brought our love to an end.  I tried hard to turn over this rough situation but it was useless.


Finally, he left without a second look behind.


That was the first time I fell for someone, and also the first time I suffer from breaking up.


He broke my heart deeply.  I can still feel the pains on it.  Although the wound healed, but the scars on it reminded me of the failed relationship.  I am scared that I will face the same situation all over again.  That’s why I can’t accept you at this moment, I think I’ll need some time to prepare myself for a new relationship.  But are you willing to wait for me?  Or will you just leave me behind just like he did to me before?

Thinking of you

What is wrong with me?  I’m feeling empty like a part of me is missing.  The world is too quiet as I can hear my own breathing.  Tranquility takes place but peace does not falls in.



I can’t focus on my favourite show, your face keep picturing in my mind like an endless slideshow.


I force myself to study, but it was useless as I can’t get you off my mind.


I turn on my MP3 and listen to my favourite song, the melancholic rhythm let me think of you in an uncontrollable way.  I feel like crying.  I finally realized that I actually miss you.


Without realizing, I am reading your horoscope after I had read mine.


I cycle by my own, but I wish that you are here by my side.


I go for a walk in the garden, inhaling the fresh air and trying hard to stop thinking about you.  Unfortunately, it failed.


I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you are here?


Seeing those couples having a great time together makes me feel extra lonely, I wish that we can be like them too one day.  However……



We are this close yet that far, how are we going to overcome the distance between our heart?  Are we getting any closer?  Or we are just pushing away each other?  Will our names be put together in the future?  I don’t know the answer……


Do you see our future?

Lonely Lone


Hi, my name is Lone.  Lone?  Why Lone? Why not other name such as Valery, Ester, Christine or so?  I think this have a connection with my status as I am single and alone.  (A: Forever alone!) (Lone: Will you shut up please!)

Feeling alone…

There are times when friends gather around joking , chit-chatting  and laughing out loud.  Sometimes, they didn’t even notice my quietness and desolation in my eyes.  Are they ignoring my sadness or they just pretend they didn’t see it?



I walk non-stopping without looking at the back.


I found a seashell at the beach side.  Someone says that when you listen to the inner side of the shell, you will hear the song of the ocean.  So, I pick up the shell and listen with my heart and soul.  I can hear the waves splashing to the rocks, the sound of the cool breeze tingling the leaves of the coconut tress, and the low sobs of the sea……


Why are you crying?  Do you feel lonely too?  Don’t worry, you are not alone, I will always be by your side.  You know what?  I often feel lonely too.  I still remember the days when……


Playing the isolated song deep in my heart.


I always wish to sing along with someone.  The feeling of alone creeps me out, but the only sound that is ringing in my ears is my own voice……


Never mind, I guess we are not alone after we had met.  Will you sing a song with me, shell?

Melody’s heartbreak

He is a nice guy,  I fell for him when he gave me his own handmade card.  So, I decided to start a relationship with him.



He treats me like a princess and always fulfill my wishes.  I am happy whenever I am with him.  However, he will break my heart sometimes.  I know he doesn’t mean it, but it still hurts.

3.jpg 4.jpg

I said “never mind”, but I really did mind a lot.  How can you break my heart and let me suffer like this?  Luckily, I know how to fix it.

5.jpg 6.jpg


Although you broke my heart, I still love you very much.  Maybe you deserve a second chance.  I decide to belief you once more.  Please don’t let me disappoint again.


My heart is fragile, can you handle it with care?


It is like a dream come true that she become part of my life.   I want to share all the moments in my life with her.


We go for a walk in the garden and enjoy the scene of flowers blooming during spring.



Our love has paved the earth with golden leaves during autumn.


Although the time passed away within the blinking of our eyes, our love never change.


I still remember the days when we go to buy a loaf of bread together.


And the days we go for dinner.



Every corner in this world is full of our memories.

P1040142 8.jpg

What I can’t forget is the days when you smile after receiving my flowers.



You play an important part in my life.  I hope that our love can survive till the world ends.


Mike and Melody


And this is my dream girl, her name is Melody.


One day, as I was reading through the magazine, I realized that Valentine’s  Day is just around the corner.


Then, I had a closed look at it.


Hmm…this sound like a great chance for me to propose my love to her.  The problem is, I need a plan that will attract her.  So, I continue reading to find some inspiration.

P1040164 Love Valentine Trip?  Hmm…I don’t think so.  I think its too fast for us to go for a trip, I don’t want to freak her out on the first time.


How about watching movie?  Its a nice idea but maybe not so suitable for me.  How am I going to propose when she is concentrating in watching the movie?


Valentine’s Dinner?  That sounds nice, but I’m not sure whether she want to go out with me.  Maybe after we get together, I can take her out for a romantic candle light dinner.


Wait a minute, how about making a card for her?  Yes, that’s it!  I will make a simple but meaningful card and give it to her on Valentine’s Day.  I sure hope that she will feel my passion and love.




Yeah!  I was on cloud nine when she accepted to be my girlfriend.


This is the story about us.  I believed good things always come in pair, how about you?

Imaginary Brother

My friend ask me to post my essay about my brother written last year.  (The reality is I don’t have a brother.)  Anyway, I decide to fulfill my friend’s wish but I’m a little bit lazy to type the whole essay.  So, I just post  part of my essay.  


My brother is a handsome man.  He has a pair of attractive eyes, his eyes are just like a bright star shining in the night sky, many of the girls were attracted by his flirty eyes.  My brother also has a wonderful smile, when he smiles, he has dimples on his face.  I love his sweet smile the most.  His skin is dark because he often plays football under the sun.  He keeps a short and spiky hair, which I think that is very trendy and suitable for him.  He is taller and stronger than me as he always do exercises during the weekend……

I am glad that he is my brother.  I will sure miss him so much when he get married one day.






Homework and bug


Phew…….finally finish my homework.  I am getting a little impatient and bossy when trying to finish the large amount of  homework.  Not just that, this bug keep disturbing me and I’m distracted from what I’m doing at the time.  You can’t blame me for that, I’m getting bored of doing homework as I had been sitting on my chairs for hours but the homework didn’t seem to reduce at all.  So, I end up snapping picture of the bug and manage to finish all my work.