10 Ways to Wear a Little White Dress

Getting bored of wearing the same little white dress all the time?  Why not add some accessories and played with layer which will give you a fresh look with the same dress.  From tribal touches to neon accents to dressing it up for a cocktail affair, here are 10 killer ways to wear this easy, breezy piece!

How to Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

It can be difficult to have a unique look in school because many girls have the same shirts, skirts and slacks. To make yourself stand out, simply accessorize your outfits. Read on to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

1. Budget so that you can add trendy pieces to your wardrobe.

2. Explore color! With a flexible wardrobe, it’s important to make sure you know which colors go well together. Experiment by taking photographs of yourself wearing multiple outfits, making sure to mix and match. This way you can see what looks good and what doesn’t.

3. Layer your shirts. It’s cool to wear a v-neck with a tank under, but don’t go too crazy and end up wearing 5 shirts. Also, be aware that several layers can add bulk.

4. Accessorize with a cute belt and necklace, earrings or a bracelet. Don’t over do it. Usually one key accessory is enough with other additions playing supporting roles.

5. Pay attention to you hair. Have a versatile cut that allows multiple styles.

6. Maximize your shoe wardrobe when you can. Shoes can make the same outfit look different in conjunction with your accessories. Don’t be afraid to go with bold colors to spice up an outfit, but make sure that you have a few pairs of neutral colored shoes as well.

7. Use your accessories to refresh an outfit. Keep it fresh and exciting!

8. Look Confident — don’t slouch. Looking confident makes any outfit look good.

9. Love how you look!

The Hidden Meanings of Gifts

Whenever it has a special occasions, such as our birthday, valentines’ day, wedding anniversary and many other occasions, we will always received or sent gifts to our beloved family, friends and lover.  However, do you know that every gifts had a hidden meaning behind them?  Lets take a look at it.

Scarf: I will love you forever.  / You are in my heart.

Letter: I am missing you!

Flowers: I want to leave my name in your heart!

Books: I trust in your grades!

Chewing gum: I want to be with you long time!

Tobacco: I hate you!

Notes:I want to see your pure love!

Ring: Please be mine forever!

Umbrella: I will protect you no matter what!

Hairpin: Good success!

Mirror: Don’t forget me!

Necklace: I want you be by my side!

Chocolate: I love you!

Lighter: You’re my first love!

Ball pen: I put half of my heart in it.

Key chain: I wish you good luck!

Album: Putting our Love in it!

Fountain pen: Good luck!

Tactile toy: Please be more truthful!

Mascot: I want to be your friend!

Gloves: Be truthful!

Handkerchief: I will wait other meeting after farewell(separate)!

Sleepwear: I will give you my everything!

Diary: I want you to keep our memories!

Hats: Hold me.

Tie: I want to have you.

Needle: I’m all yours.

Music box: I want us to become a merry couple.

Frames: Please remember me.

Wall frames: Cherish our memories forever.

Sweater: I want to dress up for you.

Raincoat: I want to take care of you.

Phone card: I want to hear your voice whenever and wherever.

Rubber gloves: Just forget about me now!

Pencil case: I have nothing to say to you.

Cushion: You are my ideal lover!

Perfumes: Remember me always.

Belt: I want you by my side forever.

Necklace: I want you be by my side.

Watch: Please cherish all the meeting.

The Hidden Meanings Of Chocolates

  Do you like to eat chocolates?  I sure love chocolates especially chocolates with peppermint flavor fillings.  I can’t resist the fresh mint scent and the feeling of chocolate melting in my mouth. Whenever i feel frustrated, chocolate will always cheer me up and rejuvenate myself.  But, do you know that chocolates can reveal to your core personality and current state of mind?  Lets have a look below.

What Flavor or Type of Chocolate Do You Like ?  

If you like Milk Chocolate …

You are a kid at heart ! There’s an innocence about you that others adore. You are very nostalgic but have tendency to live too much in the past. 

If you like Dark Chocolate …

You are the problem solver ! Always looking ahead, you are a true visionary. You have a love and appreciation for worldly things but can be materialistic at times.

If you like Bitter Chocolate …

You are the connoisseur ! You are authoritative and well respected by many.  You are determined and unwavering but often inflexible and stubborn.

If you like White Chocolate …

You are the eternal peace keeper ! You seek truth and fairness in the world and with others. Keeping all options open, you rarely close any doors,  occasionally making you a bit of a fence straddler.

If you like All Chocolate …

You are the social butterfly! Always hip and well liked by others, you are flexible and know how to roll with the punches. You seek to please but can loose sight of yourself from time to time in doing so.

What Flavor Filling or Center Do You Like ?

Your favorite fillings represent your strengths while a craving for a certain filling represents your current state of mind.

If you like Almonds …

You are quick on your feet, friendly, and an achiever. When craving you are feeling flippant and lazy.

If you like Apricots …

You are gentle, patient, and wise. When craving you are feeling unsettled and impatient. 

If you like Brazil Nuts …

You are diplomatic, cultured, and sociable, a perfectionist. When craving you are feeling aloof and closed off.

If you like Butterscotch ( Hard Caramel) …

You are dependable, obedient, and full of integrity. When craving you are feeling self absorbed and judgmental. 

If you like Caramel ( soft ) …

You are dependable, steady, and observant. When craving you are feeling rigid and inflexible.

If you like Cherry …

You are energetic, passionate, and exciting. When craving you are feeling lethargic and ready to lose your cool.

If you like Coconut …

You are creative, passionate, a dreamer. When craving you are feeling reluctant and incoherent 

If you like Coffee …

You are open minded, philosophical, and ready for action. When craving you are feeling impatient and anxious.

If you like Fudge …

You are sensual, unique, and a visionary. When craving you are feeling frustrated and uneasy.

If you like Hazelnut …

You are earthy, spiritual, and harmonious. When craving you are feeling shy and tentative.

If you like Honeycomb ( Butterfingers) …

You are a dreamer, an adventurer, full of ideas. When craving you are feeling non-productive. 

If you like Lemon … 

 You are a conservationist, an entrepreneur with a love for learning. When craving you are feeling a lack of direction and fear of love.

If you like Lime … 

You are straightforward, goal orientated, a freedom seeker. When craving you are feeling claustrophobic and indecisive.

If you like Marshmallow … 

You are social,  talkative, and optimistic. When craving you are feeling bored and discontent.

If you like Orange … 

You are dependable, spiritual, the caregiver. When craving you are feeling needy and over-extended.

If you like  Peanuts …

You are down to earth, athletic, and family orientated. When craving you are feeling closed and out of touch with reality. 

If you like Pecans …

You are youthful, traditional, and thoughtful. When craving you are feeling vain and self absorbed.

If you like Peppermint … 

You are active, optimistic, and open minded. When craving you are feeling restless and in need of attention.

If you like Pineapple … 

You are smart, happy, and and love the sun. When craving you are feeling depressed and in need of brighter skies.

If you like Raspberry …

You are old fashioned, loyal, and a collector of things. When craving you are feeling victimized.

If you like Strawberry … 

You are an idealist, compassionate, and romantic. When craving you are feeling overly sensitive and desperate.

If you like Turkish Delight …

You are honest, balanced, and  spiritual. When craving you are feeling indecisive and longing for escape.

If you like Walnuts … 

You are rugged, a story teller, and a true friend. When craving you are feeling doubtful and depressed.


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Aren’t these Danbo cute?  I just wish that they had a smile on their face, seeing them frown makes me sad too.  Why should we feel sorry for ourselves and weep all the time rather than being happy?  Life is short like a burning candle, let us just enjoy ourselves and smile no matter what will happen in the future.

Typical Malaysian Drivers

Recently, the rate of road accidents have increased in a frightening speed. In every second, there are lots of accidents happening throughout the whole world. People may die or caught in a severe injured if they were involved in a serious accident. Moreover, some of them may be paralyzed for their rest of their life.

What are the factors that caused all this accidents to happen at the first place? Besides the road conditions, the main reason is the driver’s attitude. (I had enclosed a video above about the typical Malaysian drivers on the road.) First and foremost, drivers should sent their cars to check and service more often to ensure the car is in a good condition for driving. Not just that, they should be responsible for their own life and other’s people safety when driving. Do not drive when you are drunk or sleepy. Please feel free to stop and take a cup of coffee to relieve your fatigue after driving for a long journey. Most important of all, drivers must abide the law and drive carefully.

I deeply believe that if all the drivers is cautious about their responsible on the road, surely the rate of accidents will decreased drastically. Let us hold our hands together to overcome this critical problem and provide a safer environment for the road users.