40 outfits in 3 minutes

Wow! I had sure had learnt a lot about styling after watching this video. I hope it will help you in mix and matching with your clothes in your wardrobe too!


10 Ways to Wear a Little White Dress

Getting bored of wearing the same little white dress all the time?  Why not add some accessories and played with layer which will give you a fresh look with the same dress.  From tribal touches to neon accents to dressing it up for a cocktail affair, here are 10 killer ways to wear this easy, breezy piece!

How to Mix and Match Your Wardrobe

It can be difficult to have a unique look in school because many girls have the same shirts, skirts and slacks. To make yourself stand out, simply accessorize your outfits. Read on to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

1. Budget so that you can add trendy pieces to your wardrobe.

2. Explore color! With a flexible wardrobe, it’s important to make sure you know which colors go well together. Experiment by taking photographs of yourself wearing multiple outfits, making sure to mix and match. This way you can see what looks good and what doesn’t.

3. Layer your shirts. It’s cool to wear a v-neck with a tank under, but don’t go too crazy and end up wearing 5 shirts. Also, be aware that several layers can add bulk.

4. Accessorize with a cute belt and necklace, earrings or a bracelet. Don’t over do it. Usually one key accessory is enough with other additions playing supporting roles.

5. Pay attention to you hair. Have a versatile cut that allows multiple styles.

6. Maximize your shoe wardrobe when you can. Shoes can make the same outfit look different in conjunction with your accessories. Don’t be afraid to go with bold colors to spice up an outfit, but make sure that you have a few pairs of neutral colored shoes as well.

7. Use your accessories to refresh an outfit. Keep it fresh and exciting!

8. Look Confident — don’t slouch. Looking confident makes any outfit look good.

9. Love how you look!

The Hidden Meanings of Gifts

Whenever it has a special occasions, such as our birthday, valentines’ day, wedding anniversary and many other occasions, we will always received or sent gifts to our beloved family, friends and lover.  However, do you know that every gifts had a hidden meaning behind them?  Lets take a look at it.

Scarf: I will love you forever.  / You are in my heart.

Letter: I am missing you!

Flowers: I want to leave my name in your heart!

Books: I trust in your grades!

Chewing gum: I want to be with you long time!

Tobacco: I hate you!

Notes:I want to see your pure love!

Ring: Please be mine forever!

Umbrella: I will protect you no matter what!

Hairpin: Good success!

Mirror: Don’t forget me!

Necklace: I want you be by my side!

Chocolate: I love you!

Lighter: You’re my first love!

Ball pen: I put half of my heart in it.

Key chain: I wish you good luck!

Album: Putting our Love in it!

Fountain pen: Good luck!

Tactile toy: Please be more truthful!

Mascot: I want to be your friend!

Gloves: Be truthful!

Handkerchief: I will wait other meeting after farewell(separate)!

Sleepwear: I will give you my everything!

Diary: I want you to keep our memories!

Hats: Hold me.

Tie: I want to have you.

Needle: I’m all yours.

Music box: I want us to become a merry couple.

Frames: Please remember me.

Wall frames: Cherish our memories forever.

Sweater: I want to dress up for you.

Raincoat: I want to take care of you.

Phone card: I want to hear your voice whenever and wherever.

Rubber gloves: Just forget about me now!

Pencil case: I have nothing to say to you.

Cushion: You are my ideal lover!

Perfumes: Remember me always.

Belt: I want you by my side forever.

Necklace: I want you be by my side.

Watch: Please cherish all the meeting.